Lady is a 30+YO Arabian mare who came to RRHR in February, 2006. She was covered with a canvas winter blanket that was tied on with baling twine. Upon removal we found numerous infected sores on her body which was also covered with lice. She was over 100 lbs underweight which is a lot for a 14.1H petite mare.


The above picture is Lady, six months later. She had gained nearly 100 lbs. Lady has lost most of her teeth and now requires soaked beet and alfalfa pellets to maintain weight but she still enjoys grazing. She is an excellent companion horse for our weanlings and is often referred to as Grandma.

Lady and her special friend and “treat” human, Irene

UPDATE: April 20, 2009 – Lady was laid to rest peacefully alongside her previous companions, Bond and Ruby. Although her spirit was willing, her body simply wanted to move on. Her living companion, Racer, kept her company through death and is displaying all the signs of missing his partner. We miss her too!

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