Maverick returned to Ruby Ranch after spending over four years with a small herd on 160 acres of grass pasture. He was adopted as a companion horse with three other Ruby Ranch horses to Pam, who we call the angel lady. In Sepember, 2011, Maverick began to lose weight and Pam’s veterinarian could not figure out why. We brought him back to Ruby Ranch and he was assessed by Dr. Sandi Grover, who determined that he was quite old – not the 18 year-old that we thought. His teeth are expiring and he can no longer chew hay. Maverick has gained his weight back with buckets of mush several times a day. He will remain here as a permanent resident. Mavvie has several new pals, Portia, Abby and Hobbit the pony. For an old guy, he can shake it up out to pasture!

Update: Mavvie was laid to rest on September 13, 2012, after showing us all the signs that he was ready. It was a beautiful autumn day…

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