July 2010

Five Arabians, all thin with no hoof care and filled with worms have been moved from Mulberry Rd., Calhan, to a resident nearby, who is attempting to care for them. The young filly below left has been relinquished to Ruby Ranch and is now in our possession. We are told that some of the others may be returned to their neglectful owner, who has been investigated twice now for animal cruelty.


Illyria is the bay filly on the left. She is supposed to be a yearling, but is stunted in growth, has not shed out her winter coat, has a bacterial infection on her back, shows a distended and wormy belly, and is thin under all that hair. She is the most at risk of not surviving. She is sweet as can be and has been relinquished to Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue. There are four others, including the chestnut 2YO above who obviously needs weight. The 13YO stallion, below, is very lame on his front end, has over-grown hooves, is severely underweight and most likely never had a float. Coincidentally, he is the sire of an Arabian named Pfaser that RRHR adopted last December to Lori and Jim at Deseos Arabians.



This poor 7YO mare has been thin and not properly fed for most of her life and yet used as a broodmare. (Update February 13, 2011: deceased)

Update: July 29 – Although we tried to negotiate the release of at least some of these horses to Ruby Ranch, the real owner who resides in California, and the person in Colorado who contracted to purchase these horses, are not willing to give them up. The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office has ordered a vet check on them. They are progressing satisfactorily at a home in Calhan and will continue to be monitored by the Sheriff’s Office.

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