Klassi came to RRHR because of the untimely death of her owner, Gerda Pascucci, a friend of Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue. This beautiful mare is a registered Morgan, 15 years old, almost 15.2H, nicely trained, healthy and sound. She has not been ridden for some time, and as soon as the rains clear, we will do a riding assessment. Her history includes both trail and arena riding, English and Western. We understand that she is a forward horse, who is suitable for a confident rider. We put her through some roundpen exercises, all tacked up, and she was calm, attentive, and willing. More information coming soon.

Update: Klassi goes nicely under saddle. She had not been ridden for awhile so can become inattentive. Gentle reminders are all that are needed and lots more consistency with saddle time. She seems to prefer a bridle without the noseband, although she had been ridden with an English bridle for some years. Klassi is getting tune-up training by Tanya Lowe. Klassi is not a dominant horse in the herd. She enjoys the company of her herdmates and will call out to them when separated.

Update: Klassi has been adopted!

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