Captain is a 25 year old gaited gelding who was sent through the Calhan auction at the end of January. Thank you to the Colorado Horse Rescue Network for purchasing him at auction. RRHR was only too happy to bring him here for his re-feeding program. He is very thin, weighing about 890 lbs yet standing at over 15.1H. RRHR equine dentist Dr. Sandra Grover assessed his age and mouth. He will be floated when he gains a bit more weight, although Dr. Grover thought he had been cared for in the past, with a float as recently as 2-3 years ago.

Captain is a very friendly sort who readily follows us humans around, probably in search of more food and treats. His current re-feeding schedule includes a 4:00 a.m. mush feeding so that he doesn’t have to last an entire eight hours with an empty stomach. His teeth are expiring and he will need soaked or at least pelleted feed for the rest of his life.

Update June 2015: Captain has gained the weight he needs and is still receiving chiropractic/acupuncture treatments from Dr. Sandi Grover. We have the third session scheduled for July 31. He is gaining more mobility in his hips and spine. Stay tuned!

Update July 2015: Captain has had the good fortune to be accepted at The Lacey Foundation Animal Sanctuary in Larkspur. It was determined by RRHR’s exceptional veterinarian, Dr. Sandra Grover, that Captain’s spine and pelvis should no longer carry a rider. The Lacey Foundation will give Captain a beautiful pasture and shelter where he will live out his life with other sanctuary horses, never to be rehomed again. Yay for Captain!

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