Casanova (or Nova as we have been calling him) is a grade gelding, about 26-27 years old, 15.1H. He was relinquished to RRHR because his owner could no longer afford to feed him. His teeth are expiring and he will need soaked pelleted feeds for the rest of his life. Nova is otherwise healthy and sound. We were told he was suitable for beginners, knowing all cues for walk, trot, canter, back, and whoa. Now that he has gained his weight our trainer will assess him for under saddle skills. Because of his age, we will adopt him to a low usage home. Casanova is gentle and respectful on the ground and has a lovely personality.

Update: Casanova tacks up nicely and rides beautifully. He neck reins, is sound at the walk and trot, needs a little tune-up with lateral flexion, but may be suitable for a savvy beginner.

Update: Casanova has been adopted

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