Kiowa is a beautiful red roan Arab/Appy cross mare, foaled in 1998. She stands at just over 14.3H and weighs about 1000 lbs. Kiowa was rescued from a situation where she had been abused by children throwing rocks and sticks at her over a period of time. Kiowa has since learned to trust humans and when worked with consistently, will follow you around seeking attention. Kiowa has beautiful conformation, is saddle trained but has not had consistent riding during the past couple years. Under saddle she will stop and shut down rather than go forward and has not shown a tendency to buck or rear. She has a nice floaty, forward trot.
Kiowa needs to go to that human who is willing and experienced to be consistent with her and be patient during the process. We have a “no breeding” stipulation for our mares and fillies.

Update: Kiowa has been ridden by our trainer and board member, Lori Torrini, thanks to a training grant received through the Animal Assistance Foundation. Her student, Hannah, has also ridden her. It is apparent that with calm and gentle handling and riding, Kiowa progresses in her ability to stay focused and carry her rider. She continues to need consistent handling in order to bring her to her full potential.

Update: Kiowa is at Deseos Arabians to continue her under-saddle re-training, again thanks to the Animal Assistance Foundation for their generous grant. Lori Torrini and husband, Jim, at Deseos are riding her and progressing well with Kiowa’s training. She can revert to becoming unfocused and fearful, but these episodes are becoming fewer.

Update: It is becoming obvious that Kiowa may just need to be relegated to that companion status. Although she is fun and friendly on the ground, hooks on beautifully and works at liberty with simple cues, she continues to resist under saddle work, not with a buck or rear, but simply shutting down. She stands for the farrier, trailer loads, is easy to catch and gets along well with others in her herd.

Update: Kiowa is at Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary in Yoder, CO, as a permanent resident. Thank you to the board of directors of Spirit Keeper for accepting Kiowa and giving her a great home for the rest of her life.

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