Miko is a 12YO dun gelding (approximate DOB, January 2004), homebred mustang. He was turned over to Ruby Ranch through the El Paso County Sheriff’s Dept. Miko is friendly and willing with nice ground manners. He stands at about 14.3+H and weighs about 1000 lbs. Even though Miko may have rarely had a hoof trim, he stands well for our farrier. Miko came to RRHR with an old injury to his hind hoof. He could be suitable for light riding when trained. Miko trailer loads and hooks on in the round pen and is learning to disengage his hindquarters, lower his head and complete other ground tasks.

Update: Miko is learning his ground training tasks and becoming desensitized. He’s particularly wary of that ole plastic bag, but takes a saddle blanket on his back and ropes around his legs just fine. He’s learned to lower his head, laterally flex and he’s learned to pick up his feet on the first ask. He’s a stout and good looking boy who is easy to catch, friendly and doing well with roundpen work.

Update: Miko has an old injury to his right hind hoof that we are rehabilitating. We are keeping that hoof balanced even though he has a callous that forms from the coronet band on down. He will be adopted as a companion animal who could be suitable for leadline or light riding in the future. Our trainer, Tanya Lowe has been able to sit on his back and Miko is non-reactive.

Update: Thanks to our good friends at the Lacey Foundation, Miko has been provided a forever home so he can live out his life just being a horse. The Lacey Foundation is located in Larkspur, CO. View their website at www.thelaceyfoundation.com.

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