Polly is a grade mare, approximate foal date Spring 2007. We were told she is appendix although we don’t see it in her size or conformation. She was born with a couple of congenital issues, one being the lordosis (dropped back) just behind her withers, the other is an enlarged frontal bone (midline above the eyes). Neither of these issues is a health threat, but it is apparent that Polly will be a companion horse and is not to be ridden.
Polly came to us with four others from S. Calhan Hwy.

RRHR assisted the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office with the rescue of these horses who were starving; one had already died. More information about these horses is on the page, “S. Calhan Hwy Horses.”

Polly is sweet as can be, frolicks with the other horses, bucks, rears and cavorts – she certainly doesn’t know that she has anything different about her. She now weighs 835 lbs and is 14H. She stands for the farrier, leads up nicely and has learned the ground manners to make her a super little horse. If you are looking for a fun little companion horse, choose Polly!

Thank you to Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary for accepting Polly as a member of their herd. Polly will live out her life in Georgia, enjoy the company of other sanctuary horses.

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