Portia is a 17YO Standardbred cross mare, one of 27 from a starvation case in El Paso County. Portia can be haltered and groomed but is still hesitant about picking up her feet. She responds well to clicker training and loves her butt scratched! As soon as Portia becomes more comfortable with us humans, we will have her hooves trimmed and her teeth floated.

Update: Portia’s teeth have been floated. She has scarring on her tongue at about the area where a bit would rest. Perhaps someone tried to start her under saddle in a very inhumane way. No wonder she’s afraid of humans. She appears to be in foal and will be preg checked on January 14.

Update: Portia was preg checked and is in foal – estimated due date is mid-May. Our farrier, Zac Sanger, trimmed her hooves while she was sedated. She has been one of the most fearful horses we’ve encountered. Although progress is being made, it is very slow.

Update: Portia had her foal on March 25, 2012. Baby Maquinna was challenged from the beginning with fluid in her lungs, weak and too small. She fought hard but lost her battle on April 14. May she rest in peace.

Update: Portia has become friendlier in the time here at Ruby Ranch. Strides have been made in haltering, grooming, ground work, and even picking up her feet. She easily approaches for a treat, is not aggressive and enjoys clicker training and grooming. Her gait is lovely and perhaps whatever training she had regarding her movement is why she has had difficulty in having her hooves handled. She is a friendly and not dominant pasture pal. She likes one-on-one attention with a human. Portia is a companion horse only at this time.

Portia has been accepted by Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary to spend her life with other companion horses. Thank you Proud Spirit for giving this excellent safe haven to our beloved Portia!

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