Raina is a bay paint mare who came to us as part of the herd from Fremont County – a herd that was neglected and abused. Although Raina’s hooves were in need of corrective farrier care, she arrived with good weight. It makes us wonder if she was one of the “favorites.” Raina is almost 14.1H and weighs about 900 lbs. Her estimated date of birth is June 1996. We think may have had some ground training in the past. She picked up cues for leading fairly easily and walked into the trailer with no fuss at all. We are handling her feet daily and have her fronts trimmed thanks to Zac Sanger, our very patient farrier. She was floated which revealed one of the largest ulcers on the inside of her cheek that our equine dentist had every seen. No wonder she looked worried! A large point was jutting into this ulcer and must have caused pain each time she opened her mouth or chewed. Within a few days after the float, her eye became gentle and content. Raina has learned to laterally flex, lower her head and disengage hindquarters. She still has a ways to go but has become a willing and friendly mare.

Update: Raina is in saddle training with Lori Torrini. She is at Deseos Arabians where Juliet (another Pintabian) has progressed very nicely under saddle and has since been adopted. Raina is a friendly girl who stands well for the farrier and really tries to please her human. Thank you to the Animal Assistance Foundation for providing funding for Raina’s training.

UPDATE: Raina has been ridden outside of the roundpen and is showing herself to be willing and intelligent, wanting to please her rider. She is green under saddle and is suitable for an experienced rider at this time.

Update: April 2013 – In May, Raina is going backto Lori Torrini for under saddle tune-up and continued training. We know her perfect home is waiting for her.

Raina has been accepted by Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary as a permanent resident, to live out her life with other companion horses. Thank you Spirit Keeper for providing safe haven for the sweet Raina!

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