Patch is a pinto gelding who stands at about 14.2H and weighs about 1000 lbs. His approximate date of birth is Spring 1999. He has nice ground manners and hooks on easily in the round pen where he can be worked at liberty with backing, disengaging hindquarters, moving the front end, lowering his head and coming in, all with gentle suggestions. He is sensitive to energy and less is better for him. Patch originally came to RRHR after being one of the last horses standing at the Cavell slaughter plant that closed in 2007. Since then he was adopted and well care for but his family is struggling to keep the ranch so Patch has returned to find another excellent home. His owner said she had been riding him with a bareback pad because Patch doesn’t care much for being tacked up, although he settles quickly afterward. He stands to be mounted. He has not offered to buck or rear.

Patch gets along well with his herd mates and likes to play. He prefers to pal up with one other horse. Last time he was here he picked a little red horse named Ginger. Patch stands for the farrier, trailer loads, can be vaccinated and dewormed easily.

Update – June 2012: We have just begun to work with Patch to see what is needed to get him going again under saddle. He is responsive in the round pen, tacks up easily has good ground manners and we hope to have him under saddle again in August.

Update – September 2012: Patch is now comfortable being tacked up, has a trusting eye and is showing us he is ready to move forward with his training. He is a willing horse and we will continue with under saddle work at his pace. He tends to be unconfident unless confined to a roundpen. A few bobbles but it’s progress.

Update – April 2013: Patch will be returning from his winter foster home next month. He will be re-evaluated by our trainer Tanya Lowe and she will proceed with tuning up his riding skills.

Update – September 2013: After careful evaluation, RRHR has decided that Patch would do better as a non-riding horse. Whatever happened to him in the past is causing him concern under saddle. Patch is now in a foster home, keeping another lonely horse company.

Patch was that lucky boy to find an excellent permanent foster situation where he can be a companion horse. Thank you Beth!

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