SaraJane is a grade QH mare, foal date approximately Spring 2008. She is about 14.3 and stout at about 1050 lbs. SaraJane is a lovely grey with a calm, pleasant demeanor in spite of the neglect from her previous home. She has received corrective farrier work by Zac Sanger to reduce the “slipper” foot on the left front and it has shaped up to be working in her favor, although we will adopt her to a home for trail or pleasure use rather than competition. SaraJane is easy to catch and leads up nicely after just a week or so of handling. She is willing and wants to trust. Our trusted veterinarian team, Dr. Sandra and Brian Grover, checked her out to verify her age and also verify that she is in good health. She stands for the patient farrier, is curious and pleasant to be around.

Update: SaraJane (SJ) is doing ground and long-line training with Anna Blake at Infinity Farms ( thanks to a training grant received through the Animal Assistance Foundation. She will be better prepared when we start her under saddle.

Update: SJ is doing some training under the guidance of Tanya Lowe, Level IV Parelli trainer. Thanks to another training grant, this time through the Colorado Unwanted Horse Alliance, we will dedicate some time to get SJ going under saddle. She is showing us that she is sensible and willing. She would be suitable as a pleasure/trail horse.

Update May 2014: SJ is doing quite well in her training at the walk and trot. She tacks up easily, dances beautifully with her ground work, and goes well under saddle. She now needs lots of riding experience, which we will continue to do at Ruby Ranch until her perfect human shows up to take her home.That human would be a more experienced rider who knows how to make gentle training corrections under saddle.

August 2014: SaraJane has been adopted!

Update June 2015: SaraJane will be returning to Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue by mid-July. Her adopter is forced to move closer to town and she can no longer afford to keep her. She is up-to-date on float, farrier, de-worming, and vaccinations.

Update August 2015: SaraJane needs a little tune-up in her saddle training. Trainer Tanya Lowe will be working with SJ to fine-tune the riding cues. SaraJane’s new human will need to work with a trainer or be familiar with green horses enough that gentle corrections and guidance can continue.

Residing at the Horse Protection League in Golden, CO

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