Lacy is a lovely 20YO registered American Saddlebred mare. She is trained under saddle, friendly, easy to get along with and trailer loads with a little patience. Lacy was abandoned on BLM land up near Divide, CO. She was in foal and has since had a healthy colt who has been adopted. The thrill for us is that she looks very much like our beloved Ruby (another Saddlebred beauty!) who was euthanized several years ago. We are happy Lacy has found us.

Lacy can be tacked up easily but is very rusty under saddle and would need to be restarted. At her age, we would prefer that she live her life as a friendly and loyal companion horse. Lacy would probably prefer to be a companion to a gelding – yes, she likes the boys!

Lacy is not for adoption at this time.

UPDATE¬†September 7, 2016 – Lacy left her foster home in August 2015 and travelled with RRHR’s retired founders to Washington, where she has lived with her pal, Twister, for the past year. Even though her spirit was willing, the complications of a leg injury depleted her quality of life. May she rest in peace.

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