Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue is positively ecstatic to announce the return of Cookie and Misty to Ruby Ranch! These two mini mares from the North Dakota 14 are back in our care! It’s been almost two years since Cookie and Misty were found to be severely underweight at the home of the adopter. Months after voluntarily returning the minis to Ruby Ranch, even after acknowledging their poor condition, the adopter reported to the authorities that Ruby Ranch had “stolen” them, which unfortunately forced a transfer of the minis back to their adoptive home in February 2015 and brought the issue to the civil courtroom.

Unfazed by the onslaught of falsities and baseless accusations broadcast publicly from the adopter, Ruby Ranch kept one thing as our singular focus: Cookie and Misty’s well-being. Throughout the negotiations, the adopter refused to sign several versions of a settlement proposal that would have allowed the minis to remain in the adopter’s possession while providing a standard of care to the minis that Ruby Ranch felt was required for their protection. In the end, the adopter relinquished Cookie and Misty (now, ironically, severely overweight) back to Ruby Ranch on Wednesday October 12, 2016 in return for money, and our promise that she would never have to see them again—an assurance we were happy to provide.

We are so delighted to be able to share with all of you who have supported Ruby Ranch that Cookie and Misty are back in our care. They are being evaluated for veterinary and behavioral issues at an undisclosed location. Once they are AGAIN restored to a healthy weight and determined to be in good overall health, they will be adopted to a forever home.

Ruby Ranch wishes to specifically thank our attorney, Juliet Piccone (Colorado Animal Attorneys/The Piccone Law Firm, LLC) for her work in settling this case. Her passion, commitment, creative thinking and expertise brought this happy settlement in a very short time-frame. She came late to the process after we were forced to fire our first attorney, but without hesitation she assembled the pieces of a case that we thought was irreparable and proffered a settlement with better terms than we had dared hope for. Juliet, we tip our riding helmets to you with gratitude and admiration.

Thank you so much to Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue friends and supporters who assisted us in this litigation with donations, prayers, well-wishes, and eyes-on commentary. And a salute to those RRHR friends who we know wish to remain anonymous because of the contentious nature of this case – we honor you. All of us at RRHR are so happy to share this good news! Now we are looking forward to spending less time and money in the courtroom and much more time in the barn where RRHR continues our mission to help horses in need. Sometimes the horses really do win… even if it takes a while!

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