We are told that Doc is a 17YO Haflinger cross gelding, suitable for lead-line with children and supervision in an arena for older children. He stands at about 13.2H and weighs 825 lbs. He has just arrived at Ruby Ranch and we will continue to assess his health and riding abilities. He has some stiffness in his front legs, although when running and playing at liberty it is not noticeable. He stands very well for the farrier, trailer loads, is friendly and easy-going.

Doc has the benefit of a long-term foster home, to be used as a leadline pony for children. We are thrilled at this opportunity for him since his “work” schedule will be very light to accommodate some arthritis in his legs.

Update December 5, 2016: Due to increasing degeneration of an arthritic condition in Doc’s legs, the veterinarian determined that it would be humane to euthanize Doc rather than let him struggle through cold and snow of another winter. For the past year he had been prescribed increasing doses for pain relief. He left this world surrounded by love.

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