Glory is a 12YO Appy/Paint/Bashkir Curly mix. She is about 14.3H with a stout build, weighing over 1000 lbs. She had no saddle training, although she has been gentle enough to carry a child leadline. Her owner relinquished her to RRHR due his health issues. She is of good weight but currently needs to be brought up-to-date with float, vaccinations and farrier. She stands for the farrier, can be haltered, trailer loaded, and will lead up.

UPDATE: According to the Bashkir Curly breeder who originally sold Glory at auction, Glory’s sire is Painted Dun Deal, a stallion who now resides in England. The dam is a family appaloosa mare. Glory looks like a pintaloosa, although the breeder says she is also Bashkir Curly. Glory does not have curly hair but the Curly registry allows for “straight” Curlies with DNA testing to confirm percentage of Curly.

UPDATE: Glory has had neglected hoof care during her life and will be evaluated at Colorado Equine, including radiographs, to assist our farrier, Zac Sanger, with proper hoof management.

UPDATE: Glory’s x-rays reveal that her hoof trim needs to reduce heel height and preserve her sole, which is too thin at this point in time. First trim has been accomplished. We let Glory wear some trail boots and she is very happy at the walk, trot and canter, much more comfortable than she has been for years. Glory is showing us that she is very sweet and polite. She leads up well, stands for the farrier and is very smart, learning which gate to stand next to when it is feeding time.

UPDATE: Glory’s hooves have been corrected and she is sound. Glory has been ground training as weather permits. She wears a saddle with no problem, the trainer sits on her back and is just starting to teach cues. Her adopter will need to be experienced at a level that can bring her along, or be willing to enlist the services of a trainer.

UPDATE : Glory continues to make strides with her training. She responds to a calm and confident/assertive rider who has the patience to teach her a work ethic. Glory likes to take life easy and slow. With the right energy, Glory is very willing. She is not interested in speed events and would do well with a home who would like a nice trail mount when training is completed. She gets along well with other horses in her herd, including mares and geldings. Glory stands for the farrier, trailer loads, and is up-to-date on vaccinations, farrier, float and deworming.

UPDATE: Glory has been adopted.

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