Izzy is a 3YO 14.2H Quarter Horse gelding, said to be from the Perino herd from Newcastle, WY. He is shy and unconfident at this time but can be haltered and has worn a saddle with pictures of his previous owner up – at only 18 months old. Izzy is being fostered by RRHR board member Megan and Bill who will be working to get Izzy comfortable around humans. He is a late bloomer and will be gelded this spring.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Update May 1, 2015: Izzy has been castrated!

Update August, 2015: Izzy has received ground training and roundpen work from Tanya Lowe, natural horsemanship trainer, teaching him to be less sensitive and to respond to cues such as back, disengage hindquarters, move front end, etc. He shows promise to be that very smart saddle horse once he matures.

December, 2016: Izzy is back! He was in a foster-to-adopt home where the herd dynamic wasn’t adequate. He is again for adoption, looking great. We will continue with his handling and ground training, and if he’s still with us come spring, he will start saddle training.

Update: Izzy has been re-homed.

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