Adoption Procedure:

1. Fill out the application. Be very thorough with your descriptions and answers. If there is more than one application for the same horse, the best situation for the horse will prevail. We will check references and do a home visit.

2. We have a rider weight requirement for our horses regarding the amount of weight a horse can safely carry. It equates to 20% of their body weight. A 1000 lb horse can safely carry 200 lbs, which includes tack. However, this will be reduced if the horse is older, has been used hard during its life, or the intended use is a discipline that requires harder work for the horse.

3. READ the contract! We are very interested in our horses going to forever homes. The contract goes with the horse for the life of the horse. That means there will be phone calls and follow-up visits every so often to see how our adopted horses are doing! This also means that Ruby Ranch is in the loop when and if you need to re-home one of our rescue horses.

Adoption Application      Adoption Contract


Horses Currently Available For Adoption