Twister – Appaloosa


Twister is a 32YO Appaloosa gelding who was best buddies with Ruby, the namesake of Ruby Ranch. He is the steady companion to our herd of mares, treating them with his benevolent leadership and sometimes putting one of the younger ones in line. His hocks are arthritic but he still enjoys running out to pasture with the herd, putting a sassy mare back in line, and grazing for long hours.

Twister is residing in Olalla, WA, with the retired RRHR founders, Pat and Roger, where he keeps company with Pat’s mare, Belle.

Izzy – QH

Izzy is a 3YO 14.2H Quarter Horse gelding, said to be from the Perino herd from Newcastle, WY. He is shy and unconfident at this time but can be haltered and has worn a saddle with pictures of his previous owner up – at only 18 months old. Izzy is being fostered by RRHR board member Megan and Bill who will be working to get Izzy comfortable around humans. He is a late bloomer and will be gelded this spring.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Update May 1, 2015: Izzy has been castrated!

Update August, 2015: Izzy has received ground training and roundpen work from Tanya Lowe, natural horsemanship trainer, teaching him to be less sensitive and to respond to cues such as back, disengage hindquarters, move front end, etc. He shows promise to be that very smart saddle horse once he matures.

December, 2016: Izzy is back! He was in a foster-to-adopt home where the herd dynamic wasn’t adequate. He is again for adoption, looking great. We will continue with his handling and ground training, and if he’s still with us come spring, he will start saddle training.

Update: Izzy has been re-homed.

Guy – QH Paint

Guy is a 14YO, 14.2HH gelding, said to be QH/paint breeding. He was relinquished to RRHR in good health and with minimal training. He has since had some saddle work and arena work. Still needs experience out on the trails. Guy is a nice, friendly gelding who wants to please. Children can ride him lead line in an arena or round pen. Currently not suitable for beginners riding on their own.

He will receive additional tune-up training at Harmony Equine in January 2017.

Adoption Fee: $500

Glory – Appaloosa/Paint

Glory is a 12YO Appy/Paint/Bashkir Curly mix. She is about 14.3H with a stout build, weighing over 1000 lbs. She had no saddle training, although she has been gentle enough to carry a child leadline. Her owner relinquished her to RRHR due his health issues. She is of good weight but currently needs to be brought up-to-date with float, vaccinations and farrier. She stands for the farrier, can be haltered, trailer loaded, and will lead up.

UPDATE: According to the Bashkir Curly breeder who originally sold Glory at auction, Glory’s sire is Painted Dun Deal, a stallion who now resides in England. The dam is a family appaloosa mare. Glory looks like a pintaloosa, although the breeder says she is also Bashkir Curly. Glory does not have curly hair but the Curly registry allows for “straight” Curlies with DNA testing to confirm percentage of Curly.

UPDATE: Glory has had neglected hoof care during her life and will be evaluated at Colorado Equine, including radiographs, to assist our farrier, Zac Sanger, with proper hoof management.

UPDATE: Glory’s x-rays reveal that her hoof trim needs to reduce heel height and preserve her sole, which is too thin at this point in time. First trim has been accomplished. We let Glory wear some trail boots and she is very happy at the walk, trot and canter, much more comfortable than she has been for years. Glory is showing us that she is very sweet and polite. She leads up well, stands for the farrier and is very smart, learning which gate to stand next to when it is feeding time.

UPDATE: Glory’s hooves have been corrected and she is sound. Glory has been ground training as weather permits. She wears a saddle with no problem, the trainer sits on her back and is just starting to teach cues. Her adopter will need to be experienced at a level that can bring her along, or be willing to enlist the services of a trainer.

UPDATE : Glory continues to make strides with her training. She responds to a calm and confident/assertive rider who has the patience to teach her a work ethic. Glory likes to take life easy and slow. With the right energy, Glory is very willing. She is not interested in speed events and would do well with a home who would like a nice trail mount when training is completed. She gets along well with other horses in her herd, including mares and geldings. Glory stands for the farrier, trailer loads, and is up-to-date on vaccinations, farrier, float and deworming.

UPDATE: Glory has been adopted.

Teddy – Mustang

Update 4/14/17: Teddy has been adopted!

This beautiful black homebred mustang was in a successful adoption when he was recently returned due to his owner’s move to Alaska. Teddy is a 6 year-old, 14.2 hh gelding, a good horse for beginners under saddle. He walks/trots/lopes both leads and will go over obstacles. He has had a fair amount of natural horsemanship training on the ground as well as some professional training under saddle, but he still needs someone with some experience so he stays respectful and confident. He needs to be taught to be caught in a larger area but is easy enough in a corral. Teddy can be a bit hesitant to load if his handler is not patient with their pressure/release cues and he prefers to stay out of those cramped 2-horse trailers.

Teddy was rescued during a joint effort by Colorado Horse Rescue Network and Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue.

His adoption fee is $750 and he is located in Berthoud. Please contact CHRN at, or let us know here ( or 719-541-3642) and we can put you in touch.

Misty – Mini


Misty is a 7 year old miniature mare, standing at about 34 inches. She has been trained to drive and could probably carry a small child headline, as she has had no saddle training. Misty was recently returned to Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue in overweight condition after a failed adoption. More information about her health and training will be available soon.

Update: Misty, along with her pal, Cookie, has been adopted to a wonderful forever home to be retired and taken care of for as long as she lives.

Doc – Haflinger cross

We are told that Doc is a 17YO Haflinger cross gelding, suitable for lead-line with children and supervision in an arena for older children. He stands at about 13.2H and weighs 825 lbs. He has just arrived at Ruby Ranch and we will continue to assess his health and riding abilities. He has some stiffness in his front legs, although when running and playing at liberty it is not noticeable. He stands very well for the farrier, trailer loads, is friendly and easy-going.

Doc has the benefit of a long-term foster home, to be used as a leadline pony for children. We are thrilled at this opportunity for him since his “work” schedule will be very light to accommodate some arthritis in his legs.

Update December 5, 2016: Due to increasing degeneration of an arthritic condition in Doc’s legs, the veterinarian determined that it would be humane to euthanize Doc rather than let him struggle through cold and snow of another winter. For the past year he had been prescribed increasing doses for pain relief. He left this world surrounded by love.

Cookie – Mini

Cookie is a 13YO mini mare who stands at about 28″. She is bonded with her partner, Misty, and they will be adopted together. Information about Misty is on her page on this website. Cookie may be suitable for children to handle, but her size is not suitable for riding. She may have had some drive training. Cookie is currently over-weight and is on a dietary plan for weight loss. More information about her demeanor and training will be posted as evaluations are completed.

Update: Cookie and Misty have both been adopted to a wonderful forever home, where they will be retired and taken care of for the rest of their lives.

Sweet Success!

Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue is positively ecstatic to announce the return of Cookie and Misty to Ruby Ranch! These two mini mares from the North Dakota 14 are back in our care! It’s been almost two years since Cookie and Misty were found to be severely underweight at the home of the adopter. Months after voluntarily returning the minis to Ruby Ranch, even after acknowledging their poor condition, the adopter reported to the authorities that Ruby Ranch had “stolen” them, which unfortunately forced a transfer of the minis back to their adoptive home in February 2015 and brought the issue to the civil courtroom.

Unfazed by the onslaught of falsities and baseless accusations broadcast publicly from the adopter, Ruby Ranch kept one thing as our singular focus: Cookie and Misty’s well-being. Throughout the negotiations, the adopter refused to sign several versions of a settlement proposal that would have allowed the minis to remain in the adopter’s possession while providing a standard of care to the minis that Ruby Ranch felt was required for their protection. In the end, the adopter relinquished Cookie and Misty (now, ironically, severely overweight) back to Ruby Ranch on Wednesday October 12, 2016 in return for money, and our promise that she would never have to see them again—an assurance we were happy to provide.

We are so delighted to be able to share with all of you who have supported Ruby Ranch that Cookie and Misty are back in our care. They are being evaluated for veterinary and behavioral issues at an undisclosed location. Once they are AGAIN restored to a healthy weight and determined to be in good overall health, they will be adopted to a forever home.

Ruby Ranch wishes to specifically thank our attorney, Juliet Piccone (Colorado Animal Attorneys/The Piccone Law Firm, LLC) for her work in settling this case. Her passion, commitment, creative thinking and expertise brought this happy settlement in a very short time-frame. She came late to the process after we were forced to fire our first attorney, but without hesitation she assembled the pieces of a case that we thought was irreparable and proffered a settlement with better terms than we had dared hope for. Juliet, we tip our riding helmets to you with gratitude and admiration.

Thank you so much to Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue friends and supporters who assisted us in this litigation with donations, prayers, well-wishes, and eyes-on commentary. And a salute to those RRHR friends who we know wish to remain anonymous because of the contentious nature of this case – we honor you. All of us at RRHR are so happy to share this good news! Now we are looking forward to spending less time and money in the courtroom and much more time in the barn where RRHR continues our mission to help horses in need. Sometimes the horses really do win… even if it takes a while!