Doc – Haflinger cross

We are told that Doc is a 17YO Haflinger cross gelding, suitable for lead-line with children and supervision in an arena for older children. He stands at about 13.2H and weighs 825 lbs. He has just arrived at Ruby Ranch and we will continue to assess his health and riding abilities. He has some stiffness in his front legs, although when running and playing at liberty it is not noticeable. He stands very well for the farrier, trailer loads, is friendly and easy-going.

Doc has the benefit of a long-term foster home, to be used as a leadline pony for children. We are thrilled at this opportunity for him since his “work” schedule will be very light to accommodate some arthritis in his legs.

Update December 5, 2016: Due to increasing degeneration of an arthritic condition in Doc’s legs, the veterinarian determined that it would be humane to euthanize Doc rather than let him struggle through cold and snow of another winter. For the past year he had been prescribed increasing doses for pain relief. He left this world surrounded by love.

Lacy – ASB

Lacy is a lovely 20YO registered American Saddlebred mare. She is trained under saddle, friendly, easy to get along with and trailer loads with a little patience. Lacy was abandoned on BLM land up near Divide, CO. She was in foal and has since had a healthy colt who has been adopted. The thrill for us is that she looks very much like our beloved Ruby (another Saddlebred beauty!) who was euthanized several years ago. We are happy Lacy has found us.

Lacy can be tacked up easily but is very rusty under saddle and would need to be restarted. At her age, we would prefer that she live her life as a friendly and loyal companion horse. Lacy would probably prefer to be a companion to a gelding – yes, she likes the boys!

Lacy is not for adoption at this time.

UPDATE September 7, 2016 – Lacy left her foster home in August 2015 and travelled with RRHR’s retired founders to Washington, where she has lived with her pal, Twister, for the past year. Even though her spirit was willing, the complications of a leg injury depleted her quality of life. May she rest in peace.

Fifi – TB

Fifi is a 28YO TB mare who was used as a polo horse in her younger years. Although she is no longer sound for riding, she moves beautifully and is glorious when running out to pasture. She weights about 1000 lbs, stands at almost 15.3H, and is very easy to get along with. Fifi still eats hay but needs senior feed to maintain her weight. She has been a cribber (NOT a wood chewer) for many years. She is an excellent “auntie” to the younger horses and will teach them how to be respectful and social in a herd. A solid loving home with space to move would be her ideal next residence. She has respectful ground manners and likes attention.

Update: RRHR’s Miss Fifi was laid to rest following an up and down cycle of going off her food and losing weight. She was becoming increasingly lame from a suspensary ligament issue on a front leg and ringbone on the opposite front. Her quality of life was diminishing and it was time to let her be at peace. One of RRHR’s first rescues, Fifi is now resting in peace.

HeartBeat – TB


HeartBeat was a gorgeous TB at 19 years old. She came to Ruby Ranch as a healthy horse because her owner was no longer riding her and felt she needed someone younger to give her the attention she deserved. An unfortunate slip and fall after a rain storm shattered her elbow right through the joint and there is no repair available that would get her out of pain much less keep her sound.

She was laid to rest on September 19th, 2012. Our board member and Heartbeat’s trainer, Lori Torrini, and her husband Jim Barrentine were present to give HeartBeat all the love, pets and treats that such a friendly, gentle and kind mare deserves. We are heart-broken.



Maverick returned to Ruby Ranch after spending over four years with a small herd on 160 acres of grass pasture. He was adopted as a companion horse with three other Ruby Ranch horses to Pam, who we call the angel lady. In Sepember, 2011, Maverick began to lose weight and Pam’s veterinarian could not figure out why. We brought him back to Ruby Ranch and he was assessed by Dr. Sandi Grover, who determined that he was quite old – not the 18 year-old that we thought. His teeth are expiring and he can no longer chew hay. Maverick has gained his weight back with buckets of mush several times a day. He will remain here as a permanent resident. Mavvie has several new pals, Portia, Abby and Hobbit the pony. For an old guy, he can shake it up out to pasture!

Update: Mavvie was laid to rest on September 13, 2012, after showing us all the signs that he was ready. It was a beautiful autumn day…

Shadow – Saddlebred/Arabian


Shadow was a big part of Ruby Ranch for 10 weeks. She came with severe neglect at a time in her life when she should have been pampered and loved after servicing her humans for many years. Shadow was an American Saddlebred/Arabian cross and displayed all of the personality, sensitivity and rambunctiousness that one would expect from such a magnificent breeding. She could not overcome the neglect issues and we were fortunate to recognize very quickly that her time on earth was coming to an end.

She was laid to rest on February 9th, 2012

We miss her demanding whinny and beautiful nature.

Maquinna – Standardbred Foal

Maquinna: March 25-April 14, 2011

Maquinna was Portia’s foal, one of a large herd of Standardbred crosses who were starved. She was born small and weak and had aspirated fluid into her lungs. The placenta was severely infected.

Maquinna gave us small whinnies and feisty behaviors with her pinned ears and little trots as though she owned the world. She died peacefully during the wee hours of the morning barely 3 weeks old. She was precious and trusting and is now at peace.

Maggie – Belgian Draft

Maggie: Laid to rest February 2nd, 2011

Maggie was a big beautiful Belgian draft who found her home with Leslie, pulling a specially made cart to carry a wheelchair. Maggie passed away at her home with family around her at the age of almost 26.

Maggie was one of the first rescues by Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue. We remember her following our Ruby who accepted her as one of the herd. Maggie was the gentle giant that everyone loved. We grieve with Leslie for her loss.