Spot: Laid to rest October 11th, 2010

Spot, Spottie, or Spotticus are just a few of the endearing names used for our herd clown, Spot. Spot came to Ruby Ranch in the summer of 2009. Although only three years old, he was lame from a failed knee surgery and had a triad of heart issues. Spot was instrumental in teaching Sky (another of RRHR’s horses) to be a horse. Poor Sky (aka Puppy) latched on to Spot and learned to relax and play and integrate with a herd. Spot taught our volunteer, Matt, some important lessons on paying attention while leading a horse.

Spot began to deteriorate just a few weeks before he was euthanized. The vet thinks he may have had a series of mini-strokes. It didn’t seem to matter to Spot, he continued to frolic, under strict supervision, and he had a gleam in his eye even on his last walk to his resting place. Spot was a gem and we are privileged to have provided him with a year’s worth of love and attention. He gave back so much more. May he rest in peace.

Lady – Arabian

Lady is a 30+YO Arabian mare who came to RRHR in February, 2006. She was covered with a canvas winter blanket that was tied on with baling twine. Upon removal we found numerous infected sores on her body which was also covered with lice. She was over 100 lbs underweight which is a lot for a 14.1H petite mare.


The above picture is Lady, six months later. She had gained nearly 100 lbs. Lady has lost most of her teeth and now requires soaked beet and alfalfa pellets to maintain weight but she still enjoys grazing. She is an excellent companion horse for our weanlings and is often referred to as Grandma.

Lady and her special friend and “treat” human, Irene

UPDATE: April 20, 2009 – Lady was laid to rest peacefully alongside her previous companions, Bond and Ruby. Although her spirit was willing, her body simply wanted to move on. Her living companion, Racer, kept her company through death and is displaying all the signs of missing his partner. We miss her too!


Bond was euthanized on May 16, 2008. With the onset of springtime, coupled with his young age and active mind, Bond pushed the limits of his already injured shoulder and could not recover from a pain cycle and lameness that ensued. He experienced a year of love and care at Ruby Ranch. We experienced Bond’s personality and engaging spirit – to be cherished for a long, long time.

Bond spent his last day soaking up the sun with his pal, Lady. His photograph is forever captured on the inside front cover of “The Forgotten Horses,” a pictorial study of rescue horses by Tony Stromberg.

Miss Espy


Miss Espy was purchased at the same auction as Starfish. She was a well registered 24YO quarter horse, very calm and friendly and very thin. She was also headed for the slaughter truck and a friend of Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue felt she deserved better than that.

Miss Espy was diagnosed with a long history of founder along with severe dental problems and pervasive staph infection of her skin. She gladly ate all the soaked pellets and alfalfa cubes we provided and was humanely euthanized on November 30, 2007. She was buried with her pal, Starfish.

Starfish the Pony

Starfish – smiling in spite of it all!

Starfish the pony was purchased at an auction in October 2007 for $5.00 He was headed for the slaughter truck. He was very thin, very lame and could not eat hay. We fed Starfish soaked pellets and alfalfa cubes for four weeks along with his pal Miss Espy.

It was determined that because of his age (30+ years old) and the advanced stage of arthritis, we would euthanize him to set him free from his crooked and painful body. He was loved and cared for and left this world with dignity and a full stomach.

Lance – Missouri Foxtrotter


Lance, our beautiful 17H cremello Missouri Foxtrotter was rescued from a slaughter holding pen in 2004. He was covered with bruises and bites and extremely depressed and anxious. It took him nearly six months to identify with and be comfortable around other horses. We promised him a lifetime home at Ruby Ranch.

Update: Lance suffered a severe colic episode and was euthanized on September 9, 2007. He is missed by his horse buddies and us humans as well.

Jody – Mini


Jody was a 34″ miniature, 15 years old, who foundered some years ago. No intervention was provided by her owners to help alleviate her pain or correct her front hooves. Xrays revealed severely deformed and rotated coffin bones but Jody had a strong will to live and bravely accepted the farrier work every eight weeks. After eight months, we knew that no amount of treatment was going to correct her lameness and more importantly, alleviate her pain.

Sadly, Jody was euthanized on May 30, 2007. Her sweet nicker is missed every day. She rests in peace at Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue.