Cookie – Mini

Cookie is a 13YO mini mare who stands at about 28″. She is bonded with her partner, Misty, and they will be adopted together. Information about Misty is on her page on this website. Cookie may be suitable for children to handle, but her size is not suitable for riding. She may have had some drive training. Cookie is currently over-weight and is on a dietary plan for weight loss. More information about her demeanor and training will be posted as evaluations are completed.

Update: Cookie and Misty have both been adopted to a wonderful forever home, where they will be retired and taken care of for the rest of their lives.

Lacy – ASB

Lacy is a lovely 20YO registered American Saddlebred mare. She is trained under saddle, friendly, easy to get along with and trailer loads with a little patience. Lacy was abandoned on BLM land up near Divide, CO. She was in foal and has since had a healthy colt who has been adopted. The thrill for us is that she looks very much like our beloved Ruby (another Saddlebred beauty!) who was euthanized several years ago. We are happy Lacy has found us.

Lacy can be tacked up easily but is very rusty under saddle and would need to be restarted. At her age, we would prefer that she live her life as a friendly and loyal companion horse. Lacy would probably prefer to be a companion to a gelding – yes, she likes the boys!

Lacy is not for adoption at this time.

UPDATE¬†September 7, 2016 – Lacy left her foster home in August 2015 and travelled with RRHR’s retired founders to Washington, where she has lived with her pal, Twister, for the past year. Even though her spirit was willing, the complications of a leg injury depleted her quality of life. May she rest in peace.

SaraJane – Grade QH

SaraJane is a grade QH mare, foal date approximately Spring 2008. She is about 14.3 and stout at about 1050 lbs. SaraJane is a lovely grey with a calm, pleasant demeanor in spite of the neglect from her previous home. She has received corrective farrier work by Zac Sanger to reduce the “slipper” foot on the left front and it has shaped up to be working in her favor, although we will adopt her to a home for trail or pleasure use rather than competition. SaraJane is easy to catch and leads up nicely after just a week or so of handling. She is willing and wants to trust. Our trusted veterinarian team, Dr. Sandra and Brian Grover, checked her out to verify her age and also verify that she is in good health. She stands for the patient farrier, is curious and pleasant to be around.

Update: SaraJane (SJ) is doing ground and long-line training with Anna Blake at Infinity Farms ( thanks to a training grant received through the Animal Assistance Foundation. She will be better prepared when we start her under saddle.

Update: SJ is doing some training under the guidance of Tanya Lowe, Level IV Parelli trainer. Thanks to another training grant, this time through the Colorado Unwanted Horse Alliance, we will dedicate some time to get SJ going under saddle. She is showing us that she is sensible and willing. She would be suitable as a pleasure/trail horse.

Update May 2014: SJ is doing quite well in her training at the walk and trot. She tacks up easily, dances beautifully with her ground work, and goes well under saddle. She now needs lots of riding experience, which we will continue to do at Ruby Ranch until her perfect human shows up to take her home.That human would be a more experienced rider who knows how to make gentle training corrections under saddle.

August 2014: SaraJane has been adopted!

Update June 2015: SaraJane will be returning to Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue by mid-July. Her adopter is forced to move closer to town and she can no longer afford to keep her. She is up-to-date on float, farrier, de-worming, and vaccinations.

Update August 2015: SaraJane needs a little tune-up in her saddle training. Trainer Tanya Lowe will be working with SJ to fine-tune the riding cues. SaraJane’s new human will need to work with a trainer or be familiar with green horses enough that gentle corrections and guidance can continue.

Residing at the Horse Protection League in Golden, CO

Patch – Paint

Patch is a pinto gelding who stands at about 14.2H and weighs about 1000 lbs. His approximate date of birth is Spring 1999. He has nice ground manners and hooks on easily in the round pen where he can be worked at liberty with backing, disengaging hindquarters, moving the front end, lowering his head and coming in, all with gentle suggestions. He is sensitive to energy and less is better for him. Patch originally came to RRHR after being one of the last horses standing at the Cavell slaughter plant that closed in 2007. Since then he was adopted and well care for but his family is struggling to keep the ranch so Patch has returned to find another excellent home. His owner said she had been riding him with a bareback pad because Patch doesn’t care much for being tacked up, although he settles quickly afterward. He stands to be mounted. He has not offered to buck or rear.

Patch gets along well with his herd mates and likes to play. He prefers to pal up with one other horse. Last time he was here he picked a little red horse named Ginger. Patch stands for the farrier, trailer loads, can be vaccinated and dewormed easily.

Update – June 2012: We have just begun to work with Patch to see what is needed to get him going again under saddle. He is responsive in the round pen, tacks up easily has good ground manners and we hope to have him under saddle again in August.

Update – September 2012: Patch is now comfortable being tacked up, has a trusting eye and is showing us he is ready to move forward with his training. He is a willing horse and we will continue with under saddle work at his pace. He tends to be unconfident unless confined to a roundpen. A few bobbles but it’s progress.

Update – April 2013: Patch will be returning from his winter foster home next month. He will be re-evaluated by our trainer Tanya Lowe and she will proceed with tuning up his riding skills.

Update – September 2013: After careful evaluation, RRHR has decided that Patch would do better as a non-riding horse. Whatever happened to him in the past is causing him concern under saddle. Patch is now in a foster home, keeping another lonely horse company.

Patch was that lucky boy to find an excellent permanent foster situation where he can be a companion horse. Thank you Beth!

Raina – Pintabian

Raina is a bay paint mare who came to us as part of the herd from Fremont County – a herd that was neglected and abused. Although Raina’s hooves were in need of corrective farrier care, she arrived with good weight. It makes us wonder if she was one of the “favorites.” Raina is almost 14.1H and weighs about 900 lbs. Her estimated date of birth is June 1996. We think may have had some ground training in the past. She picked up cues for leading fairly easily and walked into the trailer with no fuss at all. We are handling her feet daily and have her fronts trimmed thanks to Zac Sanger, our very patient farrier. She was floated which revealed one of the largest ulcers on the inside of her cheek that our equine dentist had every seen. No wonder she looked worried! A large point was jutting into this ulcer and must have caused pain each time she opened her mouth or chewed. Within a few days after the float, her eye became gentle and content. Raina has learned to laterally flex, lower her head and disengage hindquarters. She still has a ways to go but has become a willing and friendly mare.

Update: Raina is in saddle training with Lori Torrini. She is at Deseos Arabians where Juliet (another Pintabian) has progressed very nicely under saddle and has since been adopted. Raina is a friendly girl who stands well for the farrier and really tries to please her human. Thank you to the Animal Assistance Foundation for providing funding for Raina’s training.

UPDATE: Raina has been ridden outside of the roundpen and is showing herself to be willing and intelligent, wanting to please her rider. She is green under saddle and is suitable for an experienced rider at this time.

Update: April 2013 – In May, Raina is going backto Lori Torrini for under saddle tune-up and continued training. We know her perfect home is waiting for her.

Raina has been accepted by Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary as a permanent resident, to live out her life with other companion horses. Thank you Spirit Keeper for providing safe haven for the sweet Raina!

Portia – Standardbred Cross

Portia is a 17YO Standardbred cross mare, one of 27 from a starvation case in El Paso County. Portia can be haltered and groomed but is still hesitant about picking up her feet. She responds well to clicker training and loves her butt scratched! As soon as Portia becomes more comfortable with us humans, we will have her hooves trimmed and her teeth floated.

Update: Portia’s teeth have been floated. She has scarring on her tongue at about the area where a bit would rest. Perhaps someone tried to start her under saddle in a very inhumane way. No wonder she’s afraid of humans. She appears to be in foal and will be preg checked on January 14.

Update: Portia was preg checked and is in foal – estimated due date is mid-May. Our farrier, Zac Sanger, trimmed her hooves while she was sedated. She has been one of the most fearful horses we’ve encountered. Although progress is being made, it is very slow.

Update: Portia had her foal on March 25, 2012. Baby Maquinna was challenged from the beginning with fluid in her lungs, weak and too small. She fought hard but lost her battle on April 14. May she rest in peace.

Update: Portia has become friendlier in the time here at Ruby Ranch. Strides have been made in haltering, grooming, ground work, and even picking up her feet. She easily approaches for a treat, is not aggressive and enjoys clicker training and grooming. Her gait is lovely and perhaps whatever training she had regarding her movement is why she has had difficulty in having her hooves handled. She is a friendly and not dominant pasture pal. She likes one-on-one attention with a human. Portia is a companion horse only at this time.

Portia has been accepted by Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary to spend her life with other companion horses. Thank you Proud Spirit for giving this excellent safe haven to our beloved Portia!