Fifi – TB

Fifi is a 28YO TB mare who was used as a polo horse in her younger years. Although she is no longer sound for riding, she moves beautifully and is glorious when running out to pasture. She weights about 1000 lbs, stands at almost 15.3H, and is very easy to get along with. Fifi still eats hay but needs senior feed to maintain her weight. She has been a cribber (NOT a wood chewer) for many years. She is an excellent “auntie” to the younger horses and will teach them how to be respectful and social in a herd. A solid loving home with space to move would be her ideal next residence. She has respectful ground manners and likes attention.

Update: RRHR’s Miss Fifi was laid to rest following an up and down cycle of going off her food and losing weight. She was becoming increasingly lame from a suspensary ligament issue on a front leg and ringbone on the opposite front. Her quality of life was diminishing and it was time to let her be at peace. One of RRHR’s first rescues, Fifi is now resting in peace.