St. Paws Thrift Store

St. Paws Thrift Store at 3275 E. Platte, Colorado Springs, donates it’s proceeds to animal welfare organizations. Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue has been the grateful recipient of such donations from St. Paws. We not only thank them for this support but honor this organization for reaching out to help animals in need and the shelters and rescues that provide these services. Visit their website at

Lauretta Boyd Charitable Trust

Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue is honored with grants from the Lauretta Boyd Charitable Trust for training our younger horses and retraining those who need it, and for hay and feed support. A heartfelt thank you to the trustees of the Lauretta Boyd Charitable Trust for recognizing this need and acknowledging our mission to provide excellent care to rescue horses.

The Sally Beck Foundation

Thank you Sally Beck and The Sally Beck Foundation for providing much needed grants for veterinary and farrier care for the RRHR rescued horses. We appreciate your validation of our mission and supporting our continued endeavor to help horses in need.

ASPCA Hay Grant

Once again the ASPCA has assisted Ruby Ranch with feeding starved and neglected horses. We were awarded $5000 toward our hay bill.The ASPCA is dedicated to animal welfare. Their support of shelters and rescues has been generous and on-going. THANK YOU ASPCA for the hay support grants! Visit the ASPCA at

Rescued Hearts Unique Boutique

This second hand boutique in Colorado Springs at 3314 Austin Bluffs Pkwy has as it’s mission statement the support of animal welfare and rescue groups. We welcome them to the community and wish them all kinds of success! And we thank them for their generosity as they include RRHR as one of the rescue groups that they support.

AAEP Assistance

Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue has been awarded vaccinations for four years in a row to cover our herd of horses. We are very thankful for the generosity of the American Association of Equine Practitioners and their program, “Unwanted Horse Veterinary Relief Campaign.”

Colorado Unwanted Horse Alliance

CUHA awarded Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue a much needed grant for hay purchase. In recognition of the drought and increased hay costs, CUHA is assisting many Colorado horse rescues with this grant. RRHR has also been the lucky recipient of training and castration grants from Colorado Unwanted Horse Alliance. THANK YOU CUHA!

“EARS to You” DisneyWorld

Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue has been chosen to be a recipient of an EARS To You grant from DisneyWorld five years in a row. Through the EARS To You program, cast members at the Walt Disney Company are given the opportunity to apply for a grant for their favorite charity. Thank you to Jo-Ann Romain and her family who not only volunteered at Ruby Ranch, but processed these grant applications for us.


One Horse At A Time is an organization that prides itself in their gelding program for rescues and individuals. They boast over 1000 horses turned into geldings. That’s the kind of help this nation needs to curtail unwanted horses. Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue experienced just how generous OHAAT is when we received funding to geld six horses from the Yoder home-bred mustang group and then again to castrate eight minis from North Dakota. Thank you OHAAT for being there for us at a time when our expenses for these large-scale rescues were soaring. Visit OHAAT at

Combined Federal Campaign

Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue is pleased and grateful to have qualified for the Combined Federal Campaign, the organization that helps federal employees make informed decisions about giving to charity. We are honored to accept donations of over $1800 in our first year.

White Horse Rehab

Part of the Cinch Chix slow feeder hay nets group. White Horse Rehab Product Discount Program provides discounts to RRHR for these hay nets. We are an official reseller as well. Check them out at

Animal Assistance Foundation Grant

The Animal Assistance Foundation awards Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue with training grants, recognizing the greater adoptability for horses with more training. Our younger horses and those who need a refresher course under saddle are benefiting. THANK YOU to AAF for this recognition. Learn more about the good works of the Animal Assistance Foundation at

Dover Saddlery

RRHR receives winter blankets from the Dover Saddlery program that donates to rescues. These blankets are usually lightly used returned items that are useful and valuable to protect rescued horses from the harsh Colorado winter climate. Our local Dover Saddlery in Parker (11120 S. Twenty Mile Rd., Parker, CO, 303-805-8881) includes Ruby Ranch in their holiday giving tree. We thank the patrons who have donated halters, dewormers, horse treats, and other related items. Go online at for all your horse related products.

Panther Youth Community Service

Thank you PYCS for this generous grant. A special “thank you” to Michelle Klarich for submitting Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue for consideration of this grant from the Panther Youth Community Service – Woodland Park School District. Michelle has since graduated and is attending college in Santa Barbara, CA. THANK YOU Michelle.

Local Donations

These local vendors have provided support to Ruby Ranch. We are grateful for their donations and their validation of horse rescue!

Sherwin Williams Paints
Home Depot
Schuler Landscaping
Falcon Feed
Catherine Brown-Swain – Realtor: Properties of Colorado