Here at Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue we use natural horsemanship methods to train, retrain, and handle our horses. These methods have proven to provide the horse and human with a gentle understanding of partnership, rather than a relationship based on fear and intimidation.

We have had experience through Parelli Natural Horsemanship, Dennis Reis, Craig Cameron, Leslie Desmond, Marty Martin, Buck Brannaman, clicker training, classical training and others. We continue to sit in on clinics when time permits; we read voraciously to keep our horse-handling and training techniques up-to-date, and are pleased with the results we get. We have successfully ground trained youngsters, started horses under saddle, fixed trailer loading problems and rehabilitated the abused and untrusting horses. We often ride with just a halter or bitless bridle rather than using a bit. We also are dedicated to understanding what it is that our horses like to do, rather than forcing any particular discipline and riding style on them.


Recommended Trainers for Horses and Riders

Deseos Arabians & Miniatures
Lori Torrini and Jim Barrentine
Calhan, Colorado

Infinity Farms
Anna Blake
Falcon, CO

David Lee Archer
FalconRidge Ranch
Ramona, CA

For the Love of Horses
Sylvia Bryson
Fountain, CO